Executive Support

My goal is to support my clients in the success of their business. I do this by providing Executive Assistance, holding regular Accountability Calls and running monthly reports to show Key Performance Indicators.  These skills and processes are key to accomplishing success in any business.

The three elements I put in place to support your business success.

Executive Assistance

Working with me enables you to:

  • Free up time allowing you to focus on your strategy and grow your business. Or simply get your weekends back.
  • Experience peace of mind from knowing that your accounts and business admin are up-to-date and under control.
  • Work in a flexible way that fits with your schedule. Work with me on a regular basis, or just when an occasional job needs doing.


Weekly calls allow you to:

  • Focus on your business goals, measure progress, reflect on achievements, and move towards meeting deadlines and objectives.
  • See what items are not progressing and plan how to get these actioned and back on track.
  • Prioritise your business. Each call will be followed up with meeting notes and a plan of action / deliverables.


Regular KPIs empower you by:

  • Ensuring that you always know how your business is progressing by measuring and evaluating specific business goals and targets.
  • Enabling you to make informed decisions that will improve performance and highlight areas that may need attention.
  • Allowing you to identify inefficiencies within the business and take action to rectify these.
Executive Assistance

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If you have any questions, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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